Frequently asked questions

How long does a flight last?
Each flight lasts 1 minute, the equivalent of a freefall jump from 4000m!
How do I know if there is enough time left to reserve for x people?
You can check by modifying the number of participants in the online calendar.
Can anyone fly?
Yes, everyone can fly! The activity is available from 4 years upwards and there is no upper age limit.
Are there any conditions or restrictions to be respected to participate in the activity?

The only restrictions are:

  • the weight is limited to 120 kg
  • no alcohol before the flight session
  • no history of shoulder dislocation
  • no pregnancy
How long does the total activity last?
It takes about 1h30 on site.
How does a visit to Fly-in work?
For timing reasons, we ask you to be on time and arrive 1 hour before your flight. After registration, you will be picked up 30 minutes before the start of the activity for a briefing and the equipment phase. With your group, you will then proceed into our simulator. Each person in turn will pass through the wind tunnel X times depending on the chosen pack.
Can we book several people in the same session?
You can book several people in the same session, follow the briefing together, but then each person flies alone in the tunnel with an instructor.
Can we share a pack with other people?
No, all packs are individual. Except the "FamilyPack" which allows you to share flights with up to 7 people.
What should we wear on the day of the flight?
It is advisable to dress comfortably in sports shoes. No skirts, sandals, heels,...
Can people who don't fly come with us?
Of course, everyone is welcome. We have a bar-restaurant on site with a varied menu and a direct view of the simulator.
Can I take my Gopro camera inside the flight chamber?

Unfortunately it will not be possible to take pictures with a Gopro or other camera. As soon as you are equipped you can no longer have external objects on you.

But don't worry, our instructors will take care of immortalizing your flights and you can buy a photo and video pack at the reception desk when you register.

Can you fly with glasses?
No problem, we have adapted equipment. However, if you have lenses, it is better to wear them rather than your glasses.
I'm afraid of heights, is that a problem?
No, this should not be a problem flying in the tunnel.
Do you have a “frequent flyer” system?
We have an evolution pack that will allow you to become autonomous in less than 3 months.
Is Indoor skydiving a sport?
Yes, it is a fast-growing sport with many disciplines. All our instructors can give you more information.
Is there anything special to plan for?
All equipment is provided on site (goggles, earplugs and overalls). It is not necessary to bring special clothing. A casual outfit and sneakers are sufficient.
I made the reservation in my name but it's for another person.
No problem, just mention it on the day of your flight, when you register (one hour before on site).
How long is the gift voucher valid for?
The gift voucher is valid for 1 year.
What is the "Adrenaline +"?

Do you want even more sensations? Choose the "Adrenaline +" option and fly high with your instructor!

It will get you to fly all the way up and down in the simulator on your last flight, which will give you a maximum rush of adrenaline!


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